Our Team

Kelly Magill


Our fearless leader is the brains behind this whole video production operation in Nashville. She kicks ass and takes names when it comes to business relations, creative video strategy, directing and marketing. It seems like she’s always here in the video studio, but when she’s not you can probably find her on her sailboat (still working) or on the golf course. If it was up to her the studio would only be stocked with Dr. Pepper and red wine.

Melanie Meents

Operations Specialist

When she’s not making sure everything runs smoothly at KGV Studios, Melanie is a full time graduate student pursuing her masters in library and information sciences with an emphasis in archival studies. Just like a typical librarian should, she loves cats, books, palindromes, coffee, and equal access to information.

Wes Powers

Director of Post Production

The only thing that Wes might love more than editing video is black coffee. (And his wife Lesley, of course). He keeps the sarcasm and dry humor at an all time high along with daily reviews of the most recent movies he’s seen. On the weekends, you can find him working on his latest passion project and trying out all the finest bourbons in Tennessee.