Over 130,000 views in 2 weeks with no paid promotion!

The Problem

When someone is considering a lifelong commitment, how do you show them what that life looks like so they decide that further investigation is something they want to do?

How We Solved the Problem

“The Calling” was the first in a series of 12 videos that KGV produced for the Vocations Department of the Catholic Diocese of Nashville. The aim of this series of videos was to help a young man who was considering the priesthood in deciding if he wanted to reach out to the vocations director for a conversation.

Measurable Results

Over 130,000 views in 2 weeks with no paid promotion and translated into Spanish, Italian, and other languages.

Our client felt that if even one young man was touched by these videos, they would have been a success. Within the first two weeks, they got their first success as one young man called the Diocese saying he had watched “The Calling” 35 times and the video spoke to what he was thinking and feeling, convincing him that it was the right move to reach out to the Diocese.