Continuing Education Videos

Given the proprietary nature of the content we film for clients, we can’t post any samples. We are more than happy to connect you with a list of KGV continuing education clients for feedback on the quality of our work on their continuing education videos.

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Why Choose KGV for Continuing Education Video Production?

If you’re in business, you’re promoting something. Your people. Your product. A sale. A recent project. Well produced video content is proven to convert prospects into buyers. Promotional videos make salespeople more effective by pushing buying decisions forward.

Whether you need to shoot your product in action or an animated video that demonstrates a product or process, KGV can help you create, script, shoot and edit the perfect video. And, we look for opportunities for you to use that footage or animation in other places – social media, internally, in your sales process – so you get more bang for your buck.

You can even promote a 10 or 20 year anniversary with a retrospective promotional video that doubles as a manifesto video that engages current employees and future clients.

Want to get started? Get in touch. Even if you just want to ask questions and gather information, we’re here for you at KGV – we’d love to help.

A Look at Our Continuing Education Video Process

  1. Initial call or zoom to go over your needs and goals so we can develop the strongest video strategy for your brand and your budget. Then we meet and present our concepts and adjust those based on your feedback until we have an approved plan.
  2. Our pre-production meeting organizes the production part of the process – shoot dates, locations, on camera talent, scripts and more so everyone on set has a clear understanding of the goals and schedule.
  3. On shoot day, we arrive on time with a highly professional crew that helps you or your clients on camera so you’re comfortable and you 

Continuing Education Video Samples

Here are some samples of promotional videos to whet your “Gosh, I already have one, but now I want another one” appetite.

The KGV Process


You talk. We listen. After some serious brain-damaging, all night creative sessions with our team, we deliver world rocking custom creative for your video or animation.


We plan your production down to the last detail. We wrangle talent even if it’s your Uncle Mortie, manage locations and the leaf blowers who show up just as we start filming, prep scripts (WHAT??!! There was a script??) and shoot your astounding video. All while having fun (are we really getting paid for this?).


Our hamster wheels spin like crazy as we edit and animate your video and deliver EXACTLY what you need to get your job done. And bag a promotion, with better pay, no headaches and loads of vacation time.

Ready to Learn More?

Filling out our “Get a Quote” form starts the conversation.

Even if you don’t have many details.  We’re happy to talk through your project needs and give you our best advice on how to go about creating a video solution.

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