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Emily Moskal

Not to be mistaken for Kate McKinnon, Emily has dipped her toes into almost every facet of production, diving head first into her role at KGV Studios as “Almighty Gate Keeper of Client Relations”.

Emily has a knack for making you feel like the most interesting person in the room. At most parties you can find her in the kitchen with a few crumbs on her face discussing anything from Lord of the Rings to the latest episode of The Bachelor. Don’t worry if she forgets your name—it’s not because you didn’t make an impression, it’s just not one of her several talents. She’ll keep your projects movin’ and groovin’ while also whipping your booty into shape at the Barre3 studio where she teaches on the side.

Emily loves watching her husband cook, spending too much money on holistic beauty products, and grabbing an aperol spritz from her neighborhood hideaway Folk.