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KGV Studios is an animation studio in Nashville, TN and we are experts at business animation. We can take your original concept and custom design an animated video that represents your brand honestly and engagingly. And we can tailor the message specifically for your target audience.

Why Business Animation Is So Effective

Because an animated video keeps a viewer’s attention, this type of video has one of the highest engagement rates. Animation is easily adaptable to fit a specific brand and can work across all spectrums: blogs, company presentations, marketing, and social media.

An animated video is an excellent medium for telling a story that is difficult to capture on film. Animation can turn boring or tedious content into something appealing and visually fun. In general, animated video is much more flexible than live-action.

Clients will buy a product or service they can quickly and easily understand. Simplicity sells!

10 Ways to Use Animated Videos

Business Animation Video Nashville Animation Studio Company

The most common video types are explainer, product demo, how-to, and testimonials. All these types of videos can be effective as animated videos.

Think about how an animated video about one of the following could help your business or organization: 

  1. your organization’s mission
  2. recruiting employees
  3. training for new employees
  4. how your product works
  5. what your service include
  6. testimonials from your customers 
  7. a client success story
  8. promotion of an event or sales effort
  9. explanation of a medical procedure
  10. visualization of scientific information

End to End Service

We plan your production down to the last detail.  And we provide you with everything you need to make your animated video perfect. From planning to evaluation, we are with you all the way. 

KGV Studios is an award-winning Nashville animation studio and video production company specializes in animation videos for businesses and organizations throughout middle Tennessee. We also specialize in fundraising videos. Contact us today.