600% Increase in Click Thru Rate and 205,000 Views in Two Weeks

The Problem

In the time between leaving college and having kids, people ignore their teeth. How do you get this group of neglecters to actually spend money on dental insurance?

How We Solved the Problem

Aimed at millennials, we threw concept after concept into the trash once we measured it against our key points around what moves this demographic. It took weeks of dead ends before we hit on the concept that became the Missing Tooth Experiment. It was so successful on social media that Delta Dental expanded their budget and bought ads on streaming services as well.

Measurable Results

This campaign outperformed Delta Dental’s industry’s click through rate by 600% and snagged 205,000 views in two weeks.

And it gets better. When we filmed the main video, we also asked follow up questions and just held onto that footage. The next year, we were able to edit two new follow up videos as part of the same campaign without having to reshoot – keeping the budget lower by thinking ahead.