Our Philosophy

KGV Studios is an award winning Nashville video production agency and animation studio. We are experts in developing any kind of video that a company could ever need.

We also have a magic trick.

We know that if it’s a choice between being on camera and having a root canal with dental instruments from the 1950’s, it’s a toss up. KGV are experts at producing pain free video that exceeds your goals without taking years off your life.

And while you may know that you need video, you probably don’t know how to create a specific video tool that gets your job done. Don’t worry. You’re not supposed to know that part. We do. And we will walk you through every step of the process so that, in the end, you’re the video master instead of the bludgeoned victim. It’s why clients have made us their go-to video production partner for years.

The magic trick?

We invest the time and effort to understand so what you need so completely, that you spend less of YOUR time on our projects. 

By working with KGV Studios, you actually make time for all the other things on your to-do list. Like surrendering to click bait.