Everything You Need to Know about Video Marketing in 2022

Video Marketing in 2022

The State of Video Marketing 2022 survey done by Wyzowl  (Wise Owl) is an annual survey of  professional marketers and consumers. The survey reveals just about everything you need to know about video marketing in 2022.

We’ll break it down for you. But the bottom line is, if you have not been using video marketing, you need to get in the game. The Wyzowl survey overwhelmingly indicate that video remains a a successful and key priority for marketing.  

Why Video Marketing in 2022?

Two reasons are all you need to convince you that marketing with video is an excellent tool for lead generation and brand awareness. The first reason is that people are watching more video online than ever before. Perhaps this is because of the pandemic, but people watched an average of 18 hours a week in 2021. The projected average for 2022 is 19 hours a week. Of those consumers surveyed, almost 90% said they wanted to see more videos from brands. The second reason is that 87% of video marketers report that video marketing gives them a positive ROI. 

How Do You Compete?

The survey found that 86% of those surveyed use video as a marketing tool. It also found that 79% of those who had not used video plan to in 2022. Additionally, more than 99% of the video marketers surveyed said they’ll continue using video. And two-thirds of those plan to increase or maintain their spending level. So, how do you compete? Is the video space getting too saturated? 

Oversaturation could be a challenge, but it is overcome by quality content. Your videos need to be well-planned and very well-executed. That’s where KGV Studios can help you rise above the crowd. KGV Studios is an award winning Nashville video production agency and animation studio. We are experts in developing any kind of video that your company needs. When it comes to quality, KGV is a powerhouse of strategic creative and professional execution.

The Rest of the Story

We can’t cover all the important things you should know on this topic. So, we suggest you read the full report yourself. You can download the report for free here: Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2022.