Nashville Explainer Videos – What They Are and Why You Need One

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To cut right to the chase, the reason why you need an explainer video is to increase your conversion rate. In other words, these videos help increase your sales, and no one creates Nashville explainer videos quite like KGV.

Explainer videos show up on social media, sites like YouTube or Vimeo, and most frequently on websites. After adding this type of video to websites, some sites increased their conversion rates by over 100%.

Viewers are more likely to buy when they truly understand the answers to “What is it?” “Why do I need it?” and “How do I get it?”

What Is an Explainer Video?

It’s pretty obvious what an “explainer video” is, right? It’s all right there in the name, but just in case you need a little more detail . . . An explainer video is a short, marketing video that explains a complicated product or service. Quite often, explainer videos are animations, but they also can be live-action videos. Sometimes both appear in an explainer video. Animation can graphically represent difficult concepts, and live-action videos can create an emotional connection with the flesh-and-blood people in your video. Another type of explainer video you may have seen is the whiteboard video. But this method is “beginning to show its age.” 

Why You Need an Explainer Video Made by Professionals

Ask yourself this question, “Do I know more about my complicated product and services than I do about making a video?” If the answer is “yes,” then you need to find a professional to make your video. 

Our team of talented, professionals at KGV Studios can help you make a killer promotional video. And we’ll be there to help you every step of the way with:

  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Animations – 2D or 3D
  • Production filming
  • Location scouting and selection
  • Staging and props
  • Lighting
  • Acting talent
  • Voice over talent
  • Music
  • Scheduling 
  • Editing
  • and more … 

Ready to Learn More About Nashville Explainer Videos by KGV?

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