How to Write a Script for a Promotional Video

If you are searching for “how to write a script for a promotional video,” you are probably looking for a template. You are trying to figure out what you should say in the video. But a script is much more than that. As one of the top Video Production Companies in Nashville, we know what it takes to write a compelling script. It includes:

  • directions for “actors”
  • camera actions 
  • audio instructions 
  • lighting details 
  • set details 
  • props needed 

Ask Yourself If You Should Be the One To Write the Script for a Promotional Video

As you can see, from the list above, writing a script is complicated. It really takes a professional to write a script – even for a two-minute video. Instead of looking for a script template, you should be looking for a professional script writer.

Finding a script writer doesn’t mean your job is done, however. You have a very important role to play in writing the script. After all, you know more about what you are promoting than the script writer. Your information and feedback will be essential to the script writer. So, as you can see, it should be a collaborative process.

KGV Studios Has a Talented Team of Creatives

KGV creatives can write, create, storyboard and script until they have the best plan for your video. This process begins understanding your needs and goals and then developing a video strategy. The next step is presenting the concept to you and getting your feedback so adjustments can be made. For more details about the process see Promotional Video Production Nashville.

KGV is a full-service video production studio. So, of course, after we write the script, then we are fully prepared to produce the video. This includes casting, location scouting, props, scheduling, shooting, editing, and everything in between.  

KGV Studios specializes in promotional videos, animation videos, explainer videos, fund raising videos, and more. Give us a call today.