How To Make Successful Marketing Videos

As a leading Nashville video production company, we understand that when you are making successful marketing videos, you need to define your sales funnel first. Then you will know exactly what kind of marketing videos you need. In each stage of a sales funnel (i.e., the buying process), you need to provide valuable information to the customer.  Statistics show that 87% of consumers choose to buy from vendors who do this. And video is a great way to provide this information.

Defining Your Sales Funnel

Successful Marketing Videos Support the Sales Funnel

One popular model of the sales funnel model is built on these five stages of a sale: awareness, discovery, evaluation, intent, and finally purchase. Understanding exactly how to apply these stages to your own business helps you move the most qualified leads forward and filters out the unqualified ones. 

Breaking It Down

In this blog we will analyze the first two stages in the upper funnel – Awareness and Discovery. In our next blog, we will cover the final three stages of the funnel.  

1. Awareness

In the first stage of the funnel your goal is to catch the eye of a new audience. Videos in this stage might give viewers an overview of

  • what your business is
  • what products and services you offer
  • what makes you different from your competitors.  

Your videos should be short but memorable – very captivating and unique. The video should “speak the language” of your target viewer.

Tip: Avoid making any direct offers in this stage.

2. Discovery

After prospects become “aware,” hopefully they move on to the Discovery stage. In this stage, your target audience is trying to learn more information about you. So, obviously, videos should be very informational. And they need to deliver something that’s so compelling to your prospect that they want to continue through the funnel. 

Tip: Don’t make your pitch in this stage of the funnel either. Think of this stage as purely educational. 

The Rest of the Funnel

Watch for Part 2 of this blog. It will explain the last three stages of the sales funnel.

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