The Time for Video Marketing Is Now

As you plan your marketing strategy for your business, you might think video marketing is something you’ll consider in the future.  But marketing statistics for 2023 show that the time for using video to market your products or services is now.

5 Main Reasons to Use Video Marketing

There are several video content types that will you could use in your marketing. They are explainer videos, interviews, tutorials, and testimonials, to name a few.  The professionals at KGV Studios produce these kinds of videos and more. 

Consider the following statistics. We think you will see the merit of video marketing.

Video marketing

1. The Internet serves a very large market.

  • Over 244.4 million people view videos on the Internet
  • Internet consumers span all age groups (over 77, boomers, millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z)

2. Social media platforms provide fertile ground for new customers.

  • 93% of marketers say they get new customers from a video on social media.
  • 66% of viewers say they pay the most attention to short-form videos

3. Professional marketers use videos.

  • 86% of marketing professionals use videos
  • 86% say they have increased traffic to their website

4. Videos generate a positive R.O.I.

  • 92% of video marketers say they get a good return on their investment in videos
  • 78% say videos have increased sales

5.  Videos generate more qualified leads.

  • Video marketers report 66% more qualified leads per year
  • The increased quality of leads is likely due to the education that video brings about a product, service, or company 

KGV Studios Can Meet All Your Video Production Needs

If you are convinced that video is effective, you’ll be glad to know that KGV Studios has the resources and knowledge to help your business grow by using video. Give us a call today, and let’s explore the best video for your marketing.